The UN should promote digital cooperation, not digital corruption

In its latest machination against justified regulation, Big Tech companies are trying to create an international body, dominated by their own representatives, to “regulate” themselves. There are now proposals at the United Nations for the creation of a new High Level Multistakeholder Body for Digital Cooperation, funded by corporations, to determine policy action on Big Tech.

There is a pressing need for international cooperation and regulation in matters related to digital technology. However, such actions should be multilateral (involve all countries) and not be open to capture by vested interests. The proposed group disempowers people’s own representatives from framing policies for the people. It instead assumes that the interests of large corporations are on an equal footing to the interests of everyone else. It is, in short, capture of regulation by those it seeks to regulate. In some contexts, this is known as corruption.

The time has come again to resist such moves and ensure that Big Tech does not extend its stranglehold over effective regulation across the world. The impunity of Big Tech hits technology workers hard, as work becomes more demanding, pays less, and ceases to contribute to the development of society. The All India IT and ITeS Employees’ Union strongly condemns the proposal for a High Level Multistakeholder Body for Digital Cooperation, and calls upon the Government of India and the United Nations to reject this proposal.

Please sign this open letter to register your condemnation of Big Tech’s latest attempt to subvert regulation –