In solidarity with #MakeAmazonPay campaign for Amazon warehouse workers.

As IT employees, one of the tech giants, Amazon which has primarily placed profits over the rights and remuneration of its workers, their recent growth at the cost of subjugation of their warehouse workers is a matter of concern to us and we stand in solidarity with their Black Friday strike across the globe.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Amazon became a trillion-dollar corporation, with CEO Jeff Bezos becoming the first person in history to amass $200 billion in personal wealth.

Meanwhile, Amazon warehouse workers risked their lives as essential workers and faced threats and intimidation if they spoke out for their rights to a fair wage.

As Amazon’s corporate empire expands, so too has its carbon footprint, which is larger than two-thirds of all countries in the world.

But instead of giving back to the societies that helped it grow, the corporation starves them of tax revenue. In 2019, Amazon paid just 1.2% tax in the United States, where the corporation holds its headquarters.

The pandemic has exposed how Amazon places profits ahead of workers, society, and our planet. Amazon takes too much and gives back too little.

It is time to Make Amazon Pay.

Our union has thus signed the petition at – to make the Amazon pay its workers and accept their demands especially after they have created so much wealth for the organisation globally.