The government of India, based on the recently rising COVID cases has taken the decision to open vaccination for everyone over 18 years of age from May the 1st. This decision came alongside the decision to liberalise the prices of vaccines for the producers by allowing them to sell 50% of all vaccines to the state governments and other vendors in open market. The only condition kept was that the pricing must be transparent as per which SII Pune announced INR 150 for central procurement, 400 for states and 600 for other private vendors. This leaves the masses at mercy of the subsidies if any provided by the state governments in getting vaccinations. COVID-19 being a disease where nobody is safe till everybody is safe, the prices ensure that the vaccine doses would be beyond the reach of a significant section of the population. Moreover, at the same time the producers would make super profits either directly from the masses or indirectly from state subsidies paid by the taxes accumulated from the masses. From last 70 years mass vaccination has been a programme of the center as a duty and as a right for every individual and the same is needed in order to bolster our strength against the epidemic. 

We thereby demand that all citizens of the country should be able to get free COVID vaccination shots. We further demand that the previously collected funds for PM Cares to deal with the pandemic be made transparent and be used by the center to undertake the vaccination drive for all citizens.