Solidarity with Defence employees against privatisation

03 Oct 2020

The All India IT and ITeS Employees’ Union stands in solidarity with the Defence Employees protesting against the privatisation & corporatisation of public sector undertakings. 

These days the country is facing many Modi-government manufactured catastrophes and the biggest among these is privatisation and corporatisation of profitable public sector undertakings. We all know who the beneficiaries behind this are. These moves are being made in favour of a few close “friends” of the Modi government. To cover the economic and political failure and bankruptcy of the government, these unconstitutional actions on the common people are carried out in the name of “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.   

PSUs such as Indian Railways, Air India, Coal India, Ordnance Factories, banks, and several other public sector undertakings are being corporatised with the theory of “Modinomics” and the people of India are being fooled using jingoism. 

AIITEU stands in solidarity with all the Defence employees on strike and protests the unlawful privatisation and corporatisation of PSUs.

While the country is under the demon-grip of a pandemic along with the world, people are unable to acquire bare minimum treatment, migrant workers are walking and dying on the roads after crossing thousands of miles barefoot without food and water, the Modi government is implementing these anti-people policies even without hearing out the opposition in the houses of Parliament. 

In these abnormal times when the economy has collapsed and jobs are scanty, these steps are only cruelty to the nation, nothing else. 

We believe that with these strong protests and united movements the scenario shall be changed and the government has to take back all its anti-people, anti-labour, anti-farmer, and anti-national decisions.